Vitality Face Massage


Healing Kneads Vitality Face Massage has evolved from Ayurvedic influences and is a gentle slow treatment working facial muscles, neck, shoulders and scalp  leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, visibly glowing and revitalised.




Recommended as a course of 6 sessions, 1 week apart followed by monthly maintenance sessions for incredible visual results, the Vitality Face Massage can also be enjoyed as a treat or added to another treatment for ultimate luxury. 


Ayurveda is an ancient holisitic medical system deriving from India that has been practised for more than 5000 years and is based on physical and mental harmony with nature. Prevention orientated, Ayurveda views illnesses as caused by imbalances in a persons constitution, therefore by removing blockages and allowing energy to flow freely will resume a healthy balance. Following a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, exercise and regular marma-point massage will result in optimum health. 


Marma points are energy centres in the body, with 108 throughout the body and 37 situated in the head and neck region. Marma points are connected by energy channels called Nadis and in good health the energy flows through these channels without any obstructions. External influences such as stress, tension, bad nutrition and lack of sleep can cause blockages in the Nadis resulting in the stresses and strains manifesting in the mind, body and spirit. 


With 37 of the Marma points being found in the head and neck region, Ayurveda see's this regionas great importance to balancing the whole body. Gentle massage on the face and marma points will not only benefit physical health while relaxing the face muscles, increase lymph flow and circulation as well as improve the texture and appearance of the skin, at the same time as working on balance energy flow throughout the body. 


The Treatment

This treatment begins with you lying on the treatment couch, covered in a warm, soft blanket with just the shoulders and face revealed. You will then be talked through a calming meditative ritual to balance your energy, clear your mind and ease you into a state of serenity while allowing Reiki to flow for a deeper healing experience. 

Your face will be prepared for the massage with a cleansing and toning routine using natural organic products followed by the application of a fabulous moisturising aromatic face oil, infused with Rose Quartz energy for it's anti-aging and relaxing properties. 

Gentle massage of the face, shoulders, neck and scalp focuses on removing toxins, lymph drainage, muscle relaxation and marma pressure points to re-balance the energy system. 



  • Deep relaxation
  • Improves muscle tone of the face
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Gives the skin a clear, healthy glow
  • Promotes rejuvenation and renewal of the skin
  • Stimulates circulation and lymph drainage
  • Increases the elasticity of the skin

A course of Vitality Face Massage treatments may show visual evidence of improved skin tone and reduced signs of aging. 


6 week case study results

Healing Kneads Case Study


Case Study comments at end of 6 week course "One of the best things I've done for myself and will continue to do."

"Really noticed the benefits in my skin, age signs seem less and looking so much better." 

"Was asked by a friend if I had lost weight, she said she could see it in my face" 

"Feel relaxed and more positive"

When the course began stress levels were indicated at 4 out of 5 ... after 6 weeks this reduced to 1 out of 5


Enjoy an hour of this treatment for £35


half an hour for £25

Book and pay for a full beneficial course of 6 treatments for £175 and you will pay for 5 receiving the 6th for FREE!