Hello everyone

I'm Vicci,

Energy Healing Practitioner

based in Halstead, Essex


Thank you for visiting my page. If you don't find the answers you are looking for please contact me and I will be happy to help. 


I have always had an interest in holistic and spiritual practises from as far back as I can remember. Not always in the most obvious sense, but lurking in the back of my mind and showing itself in small, subtle ways. 


In 2009 I began my journey with therapies with Swedish Massage and then in 2010 through a beautiful twist of fate of bumping into an old friend I hadn't seen for many years I was attuned to Reiki which opened up so many more doors for me than I had ever imagined.


A wonderful thirst for studying and self-development ensued and I learned many wonderful skills from amazing mentors during the following years.  So many changes were happening in my life during this time which was very exciting and sometimes very daunting. Working through many years worth of "baggage" was an emotional roller-coaster, but definitely worth every moment to be free of the restrictions we can impose on ourselves. 


Vicci - Massage Therapist and Energy Healing Practitioner


I discovered so much about myself along the way, realising I am a natural empath and sensitive and learning to truly listen to my intution that had spent years constantly attempting to guide me while I rebelled and ignored it!

I continue to advance my holistic learnings and spiritual development, incorporating intuitive guidance into the treatments I offer as well as compassion, empathy and healing energy. As my knowledge and skills base evolved, my passion and love for what I do continues to grow. 


I feel truly honoured to be able to work with people as I do, hopefully helping guide them along their own paths, opening them up to self healing and improvements to their own well-being.




I will -

  • Work from my heart with honesty and integrity
  • Guide others that come to me, to find their own paths of self-healing
  • Bring awareness to the amazing benefits of complementary therapies and healing
  • Share the love I have for what I do with others, so that they may also feel the beauty of living in calmness, with coping mechanisms for stressful situations and more reason to Guielcome happiness in their daily life.