Battle of the Bugs!!

Posted on 24th October, 2014

Winter is imminent and the weather change brings coughs, colds, flu and other nasty bugs and illnesses with it! 


Can regular holistic therapy sessions help in the war against these pesky germ blighters that can knock us for six when they attack? 


Massage/meditation/healing along with a good diet can definitely help to maintain and improve our inner health system:- 


Increase Lymphatic Circulation

Promoting circulation in the lymphatic system will set an army of white blood cells on the rampage, waging war and zapping cold/flu bugs in the body.


Reduce Cortisol Levels

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol can have a very detrimental effect on the body, and one of which is the impact on the immune system. A weakened immune system leaves the body open to pesky bugs running riot! reducing cortisol levels works to boost immunity and the best way to do that is reduce stress levels!


Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

Sleeping is healing! Ensuring a good 7 hours+ of sleep each night, allows the body to regather, rest and heal. Regular relaxation therapies will help promote improved sleeping patterns to commence. 


So along with the well known relaxation factor, calming holistic therapy treatments work quietly behind the scenes improving health and vitality, helping you survive a bug free winter! 





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