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I'm the Peer Facilitator of Mayday Self Help Groups in Clacton On Sea. We are a support group for people experiencing mental health difficulties.
For the last four months Vicci has been practicing a range of treatments with our members and everyone who received a treatment reported how much they enjoyed and felt they had benefitted from the experience.
I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Healing Kneads! Thank you again Vicci.
Some fabulous feedback sent via email on 05/03/15 .. thank you so much ladies :)

" Had my first soul to sole session with Vicki today. Thank you Vicki felt very welcome and I am already looking forward to my next treatment."

" My Reflexology session was fabulous I am so relaxed and chilled afterward feel like I am walking on air.

" Reiki sessions are really working to help with my stress levels was not sure what to expect when I first started, but Vicki explain how reiki works and after my treatment I feel so calm and relaxed. Having monthly treatment and have really notice how anxiety and stress levels are becoming less. I would defiantly recommend reiki with Vicki.
I have suffered with migraines since I was roughly 15, I am now 36. I have over the years taken a steady stream of different prescribed drugs, had scans, changed my diet, etc,etc and nothing has ever worked (unless it knocked me out and I ended up sleeping for 18hours!!) I now have 2 children so as the song says "the drugs don't work" because sleeping for 18 hours just isn't what i can do.
I went to Vicci 5 weeks ago and had an Indian head massage, and she advised I see her every 4 weeks, not only did I feel totally relaxed and completely stress free, I noticed that over the last few weeks instead of buying up to 2 packets of ibuprofen in a week I had only purchased 1 in 4 weeks, I unfortunately had to cancel my next appointment and was suddenly aware that my headache returned on Sunday. I went to visit Vicci today and have booked my next appointment for 4 weeks time. I am completely,overwhelmed by the difference one massage has made. For the first time in 21 years I am not reliant on medication and feel so much more carefree and happy after my appointment. Highly recommend this lovely lady and if it works for me then I am sure if you also suffer with bad headaches it would work for you too.
I would like to convey not only my sincere gratitude to vicci, but also my recommendation. When i first contacted vicci, i was not in a good place. I was going through really traumatic life changes and emotionally struggling..i needed some healing!! I didnt know vicci but she instantly put me at ease. I felt safe, understood, and confident in vicci's hands to help me. Reiki, crystals, guided meditations. I knew beforehand the potential benefit these can serve . I was talked thro everything vicci was going to do to assist me. Trusting therapeutic relationship is vital. I didnt book a specific treatment recently. I booked in, talked to vicci. But she had meditated previously and new what i would need aligned to emotionally rebalancing necessary. There is no unhealthy dependence here. Moreover empowering me to get on with life, this time with chakras rebalanced...i could not just go to anyone for healing of such sensitive issues... I am happy if required to talk to anyone who may be contemplating this sort of help from vicci. Sent with love, light and happiness.x
Thank you to Ben Hagon for leaving this feedback on my Facebook page ...

Ben Hagon posted to‎ Healing Kneads
11 July 2013
I feel that it is only right to leave a review after visiting Healing Kneads, to express my gratitude and thanks to Vicci for what I can only describe as a total break from reality.

I have travelled to many places around the world and have had many spa treatments, but to have such a talented, skilled therapist on my doorstep is so fantastic.

It is now 3 days on from my visit to see Vicci and the back massage that I had is still working miracles, helping me to relax, focus and sleep so much better. Vicci is a true professional, she pointed out problem areas and advising me on posture to help avoid future back stress.

If I had to rate the treatment out of 5 it would be 7 by my standards, Thanks Vicci you are a miracle worker!
After my visit last week to Healing Kneads I felt so relaxed. I was initially apprehensive as I'd not experienced a Holistic Face Massage before and didn't really like the idea of someone I didn't know touching my face. My daughter had bought the treatments for me as a gift and although I was grateful and excited I didn't know what to expect. Vicci's treatment room smelt beautiful and she made me a cup of tea before the massage. She talked me through the treatments and after the face massage I had some reflexology. I was made to feel very comfortable and nearly fell asleep!
I'd highly recommend a visit to Healing Kneads and I was not just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon but for the next two days.
My daughter has promised me some more treatments for Christmas!
Thank you Vicci!
Had a full body massage as I was feeling completely stressed, uptight and achey. From the moment I walked through the door I was made to feel at ease. Vicci listened to me and took on board what I had said and where my problem areas were. The treatment was wonderful, so relaxing, warming and I felt the tension melt away. I didn't want to leave afterwards and was so grateful that my partner was collecting me as I felt so chilled out. I slept the best nights sleep I'd had in ages that night. Thank you Vicci for such a fabulous massage. Ill definitely be back for more xxx