Body Massage Therapy

Massage has been used as a practise of touch to heal the mind, body and soul for centuries and is rooted in history in ancient civilisations.  Many cultures discovered the effect a massage could have to heal injuries, relieve pain and prevent illness as well as speed recovery. Along with this, benefits were found where massage could reduce stress and produce deep relaxation. 





Massage at Healing Kneads is based on Swedish Massage, incorporating intuitive massage and techniques to work deeply into areas of stress and tension. Each treatment will be uniquely tailored to suit the individuals needs .. as no one person is the same as the next! 

Massage can target specific areas such as tight muscles in the shoulders or neck, focussing on lower back pain or knee and hip problems.

Other benefits of massage include improved blood circulation, increase in flow of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles, increased joint mobility, assisting toxins to move through body, improved flexibility and lowered stress levels.

Whatever reason you are receiving body massage, the variety of strokes effectively relaxes the body and stimulates the mind leaving you feeling light, calm and with a real sense of well-being.


Body Bliss Massage

Wonderful for deep relaxation, soothing and calming flowing massage strokes are used to release stress and ease the spirit. Warm oils, healing energy and gentle pressures are applied to rebalance energy flow leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and revitalised.


Muscle Melt Massage

Deeper, firmer pressures are used, as well as cross frictions and applying pressure release techniques where stress knots have built up, to release tension and soothe aching, tired muscles. Focussing on problem areas with techniques to relieve discomfort, increase flexibilty, mobility and pain relief.


Disclaimer: Body Massage is not a cure, nor deemed a replacement for medical assistance from your GP. A consultation will be given to assess contra-indications and suitability for treatment. Advice will be given regarding how many sessions may be necessary for effectiveness.




Body Bliss Massage - soothing and relaxing  
Full body (inc face and scalp massage)80mins£45.00
Full body60mins£35.00
Back, neck and shoulders30mins£20.00
Muscle Melt Massage -  firm, focussed pressures, relieving aches and tension in problem areas  
Full Body60mins£45.00
Back, neck and shoulders45mins£30.00